Barnesville’s 1921 football team

Special to the Enterprise
Although not individually identified, the yearbook identifies 1921 team members as:  Carl Newsome, Louis Frasher, Earnest Lynn, Dale Fowler, William Sill, Kenneth Hanlon, Donald Fowler, Everett Hanlon, Richard Hobbs, Homer Cheffy, Dale Goodnight, Barnet Taylor, Robert Steel, Thomas Betts, Robert Coon, Wis Coon, Howard Shipley, Glen Gates, Thomas Betts, Floyd Molbrough, Dale Fowler and Howard Hanes.

(Note: This is modified from a Sept. 7, 2011, Jeanalities column written by Jean Palmer Davies.)

After a six-year hiatus during World War I, Barnesville High School has fielded a football team now for a century. Information from the Senrabs of 1920-23 tells of the resumption of football after that five-year absence. In 1920, the annual stated that in addition to basketball and baseball interest was greatly increasing for the addition of football and track to the athletic programs.

With the arrival of Sidney Boyd to teach history and French at the high school, a new football program was started in 1921. The Senrab tells the story this way:

“The season of 1921 ushered in for Barnesville High School a brand-new football team, the first since 1916. The team was not successful in winning many games this first season, but when one stops to consider the obstacles to be overcome by a green team in the field, we think it deserves much praise.”

“The schedule arranged by our manager, Kenneth Hanlon, was a hard one. Much credit is due our athletic coach, Mr. Boyd, for his splendid work with the team this season. It takes days and even months and athletic skills to develop a football team, and Mr. Boyd was ready and willing to help in every way possible.”

“With Mr. Boyd our coach next year, and 14 letterman Barnesville High school have a strong and winning team.”

That first year the team was winless in seven outings outscored 135 – 33 against teams from Shadyside, Bridgeport, Flushing, Muskingum Academy and Woodsfield.

The second year in the fall of 1922 the team posted a winning record of 6-4.