Letter to the editor: Candidate: We need more experience in auditor's office

Barnesville Enterprise


Belmont County is no stranger to adversity. Economic. Fiscal. And, since our primary election was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am truly grateful to the people of Belmont County for nominating me as the Republican candidate for Belmont County Auditor.

With the loss of sales tax revenue and with our businesses hurting so greatly in the wake of the pandemic, Belmont County needs an experienced auditor now more than ever. Our times require leadership and experience. This is no time for an auditor who is learning on the job.

We need more experience in the auditor’s office, and we need it now.

Over my 25 years, I have worked at the township, county, school, city, and state levels of government. I know the inter-workings of each. How they operate, and how some need the county to partner with them in the wise budgeting and expenditure of your tax dollars.

A good auditor first seeks to protect your tax dollars but also seeks new and innovative ways to make those same dollars work harder for you. Doing more with less is something most households have had to do, and its something Belmont County must learn to do.

Our times are challenging, but they also present a once in a lifetime opportunity. While our possibilities are not endless, they are exciting.

The anticipated cracker plant in Dilles Bottom — although delayed due to the COVID-19 downturn in the economy — is still exciting in that it will bring new tax revenue for the county, as well as jobs to our area. The key is to plan accordingly.

I want you to know that I intend on being a hands-on, full-time auditor. You deserve a qualified, experienced candidate who knows how to effectively manage your tax dollars.

As a community, we are going to experience many highs and lows in the years ahead. Managing the county’s money in this uncertain period is going to require a very knowledgeable and experienced individual in the workings of not only the county’s financial position but in the operations of the associated governmental agencies, as well.

I have that knowledge. As the current fiscal officer for Richland Township, the former fiscal manager of the Belmont County Commissioners and the former finance director for the City of St. Clairsville, and a contracted employee with the Auditor of State’s Office, I am quite familiar with the individuals involved, the budget challenges our times present, and I have proven I can work with both. It takes cooperation and teamwork to bring us together and through tough times. But, together, we will make through. Stronger as a community, and more committed than ever to the people that make this Valley so strong and a great place to call ‘home.’

It is in that spirit that I would sincerely appreciate your vote in November for Belmont County Auditor.

Thank you and God Bless! Feel free to contact me at Cindi.Henry.CoAuditor@gmail.com or at Facebook: Elect Cindi L Henry for Belmont County Auditor

Cindi L. Henry