Letter to the editor: Trump lost the election fair and square

Barnesville Enterprise


Being a Republican used to mean being rational. We were more concerned with facts than feelings. But there’s one fact some Republicans are having trouble with: Donald Trump lost this election fair and square. Now he seems hell-bent on bringing our party and country down with him.

Trump tweeted that he wanted a list of the Republicans in Congress who acknowledged, correctly, that Biden won. The fact that only 10 percent of Congressional Republicans can state that simple fact is both pathetic and revealing – Trump will pressure Republicans to deny reality even after he leaves the Oval Office.

This delegitimization of Biden’s presidency is dangerous. I’m a Republican because I believe conservative values are better for our country. I know that we do ourselves, our nation, and our ideology a great disservice if we continue to ignore facts to spare our feelings.

Chris Gagin

(Chris Gagin is the former chairman of the Belmont Co. (OH) Republican Party.)