New CAUV office space to be established

Special to The Enterprise
Discussing plans to physically move the office area for Current Agricultural Use Value Tax issues in the Belmont County Auditor’s office are, l to r, Cindi Henry, Belmont County auditor; Lova Ebbert and Jerry Ebbert, Belmont County Farm Bureau; and Larry Craig, deputy auditor and CAUV coordinator. Informational brochures and application forms will be available in the new, easier-to-access area.

ST. CLAIRSVILLE -- Qualified landowners in Belmont County enjoy a reduction in real estate taxes thanks to the Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV) program. CAUV was established after the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation campaigned for a constitutional amendment to the Ohio Revised Code to have farmland taxed for its agricultural value, rather than its market value.

Belmont County Auditor Cindi Henry is committed to making the CAUV program more assessable to eligible landowners. “We are rearranging the auditor’s office to facilitate space for the CAUV program,” Henry said. Informational brochures and CAUV enrollment forms will be available.

“Larry Craig, deputy auditor, and CAUV coordinator, will also be available to administer and answer questions about the program for eligible farmers and landowners,” Henry said.

According to Jerry Ebbert, area farmer and Belmont County Farm Bureau president, CAUV saves eligible farmers and landowners from $8 to $12 per acre on their annual real estate taxes. We appreciate Henry’s willingness to work with our county’s farmers and landowners.

“Farm Bureau has successfully lobbied with the tax department and the Ohio legislature to keep data relevant to changes in the agricultural economy, and improving CAUV savings for the farmers,” Ebbert states.

“A strong CAUV program benefits Belmont County landowners, and is a tremendous boost for our local farmers and the extended agricultural community,” Henry said.

Ebbert encourages all CAUV recipients to be Farm Bureau members so the organization can continue to advocate for landowner issues. For information about CAUV , contact the Belmont County Auditor’s office at 740-695-2121 or the Belmont County Farm Bureau at 740-425-3681.