Belmont County Farm Bureau membership supports CAUV

Special to The Enterprise
Pictured, from left, are Jerry Ebbert, Belmont County Farm Bureau president; Lova Ebbert, Belmont County Farm Bureau membership chairperson; and Betsy Anderson, Belmont County Farm Bureau, Senior Organization director.

With ever-increasing regulations, property right challenges, and environmental issues on the horizon, farmers, landowners, and others with an interest in our nation’s food supply are encouraged to become a member of the Belmont County Farm Bureau.

Belmont County Farm Bureau is a grassroots membership organization that works to support the local food supply and farm economy through tax savings and legislative reforms on property rights such as eminent domain and estate taxes. The local organization is also a part of the Ohio Farm Bureau and the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Over the years, the farm community, thanks to Farm Bureau’s legislative efforts, has participated in property tax savings under CAUV (Current Agricultural Use Value) which taxes farm land on the agricultural value as opposed to market or speculative value. These savings help preserve the family farm.

Farm Bureau has always been at the forefront in protecting CAUV, the agricultural sales tax exemption, and the small business income tax deduction. The organization also worked to protect landowner and water rights in a legal dispute with the city of Toledo. Recently, the organization was at the forefront in protecting livestock producers from changes in coyote hunting and trapping rights. Newly proposed federal tax changes could have a detrimental effect on farm families. Farm Bureau will be there fighting to preserve our way of life. Farm Bureau is there when we can’t be.

Farm Bureau has many other membership benefits including a $5000 property protection program, and savings from major automotive and equipment dealers. Publications such as “Our Ohio” magazine and “Buckeye Farm News” keep members abreast of current trends and issues.

Farmers and landowners need to realize we need to join together support a strong Farm Bureau organization. For more information and to join the organization, please contact the Belmont County Farm Bureau office at 740-425-3681 or visit