Warming centers are available in Belmont County

Staff Report
A young girl wearing a hat saying “It’s Cold Outside” hangs out on the playground. She said she likes to wear her mask because it keeps her face warm. Warming centers are available in Belmont County for anyone needing to escape the cold this winter.

Warming centers are available in Belmont County for anyone needing to escape the cold this winter.

Masks will be required at the warming center at all times.


Bannock United Methodist Church, Ohio 331, Bannock: 740-968-3081 or 740-310-1692

Barnesville Methodist Church, 230 W. Main St., Barnesville: 740-238-2116

Bellaire Fire Department, 2450 Belmont St., Bellaire: 740-827-8340 or 740-671-5432

Bellaire Salvation Army, 315 37th St., Bellaire: 740-676-6225

Spirit of 76 Fire Department, 53890 Key-Bellaire Road, Bellaire: 740-676-7676

Bethesda Village Community Room, 103 S. Main St., Bethesda: 740-582-1888

Sunset Heights Fire Department, 69604 Sunset Heights, Bridgeport: 740-325-8528 or 740-827-6100

Smith Township Fire Department, Centerville: 740-310-0944

Colerain Fire Co. Social Hall, 72559 Colerain St./Ohio 250, Colerain: 740-699-0425

Flushing Fire Dept., 104 E. High St., Flushing: 740-310-1964

Lafferty Fire Dept., 70191 Irwin St., Lafferty: 740-968-3016 or 740-310-0901

Grace Presbyterian Church, 7 N. Fourth St., Martins Ferry: 740-359-1813

Maynard United Methodist Church, 71480 Hall St., Maynard: 740-968-3081 or 740-310-1692

Sacred Heart Church, 54038 St. Marys Ave., Neffs: 740-317-4935

Church of the Nazarene, 100 Ohio 7 South, Powhatan Point: 740-472-4105

Village of Shadyside Community Center, 50 E. 39th St., Shadyside: (Door is open)

Somerton Fire Department, 55717 Washington St., Somerton: 740-391-9060

Yorkville United Methodist Church, 121 Third St., Yorkville: 740-859-3013

Call ahead so that arrangements may be made.

Be sure to take drinks, snacks, prescription medicine, cellphone charger or any other necessities with you.