WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital receives statewide recognition for Environmental Stewardship

Submitted to the Enterprise

The Ohio Hospital Association has named WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital as the recipient of the 2020 Melvin Creeley Environmental Leadership Award. The award is presented at the end of a challenging and busy year for healthcare institutions, and recognizes their commitment to improving the environmental health of their communities while reducing costs and providing excellent care to patients.

“Ohio hospitals are committed to the health and wellness of their communities,” said Nolan Rutschilling, director of Energy Program, OHA. “Today we are proud to honor hospitals in Ohio who dedicated resources and implemented new programs to improve their environmental stewardship in the community. By embracing energy efficiency and sustainability, Ohio hospitals can reduce their environmental impact and reinvest cost savings back into their communities.

Barnesville Hospital has shown excellence in the path to support hospital sustainability by making major improvements in the field of energy reduction. In conjunction with AEP Ohio, OHA, and Energent Solutions, Barnesville Hospital has been able to pursue changes that have helped increase the hospital`s energy efficiency greatly.

One of the biggest initiatives behind this change was the complete renovation of the emergency department. During construction, there was a major effort to make the new ER energy-efficient with LED lighting and control systems. In addition to the ER department, Barnesville Hospital began replacing outdated, inefficient dietary equipment with new, Energy Star products and installed LED lighting in the parking lot.

Barnesville Hospital is also committed to promoting recycling around its campus and participates in a recycling program with the JB Green Team. The hospital was able to divert over 24,495 pounds of co-mingled paper and cardboard products in 2019. Additionally, another 600 pounds of paper was recycled through a purge of old medical records. Over 30,000 pounds of co-mingled plastics and cans were recycled through the JB Green Team. The hospital was also able to recycle approximately 916 inkjet printer cartridges and 259 laser cartridges.

Another project Barnesville Hospital continued is the installation of LED lighting throughout the facility. Currently, 70% of the facility utilizes LED Lighting with the goal of reaching 100% in the next couple of years. WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital continues to remain committed to improving energy efficiency and sustainability.

Melvin Creeley Environmental Leadership Award honorees are recognized for promoting sound environmental practices through environmental stewardship and exemplifying the best practices for other hospitals to follow. Honorees were selected by OHA’s Environmental Leadership Council. The award is named after the retired president and CEO of East Liverpool City Hospital, Melvin Creeley, who chaired OHA’s Environmental Leadership Council from its inception in 2001 to 2010. For a complete list of winners, visit OHA’s website.

Beginning with a partnership with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency in the 1990s, OHA embarked on a campaign to assist hospitals with pollution prevention and waste reduction in Ohio. OHA’s Environmental Leadership Council provides leadership, support and technical resources to Ohio hospitals in their efforts to reduce waste, prevent pollution, and comply with environmental regulations. The Council consists of representatives from hospitals and organizations such as the Ohio Nurses Association and the OEPA.