Belmont Village Council changes street sweeping contract with Bethesda

Submitted to the Enterprise

BELMONT – Belmont Village Council met Nov. 5 and quickly entered into an executive session to discuss litigation. At 7:27 p.m., Mayor Ron Woods declared the executive session over.

Lorie Grob made a motion to hire Clorissa for an additional position on the street crew for up to 15 hours a week in lieu of emergencies for $13 an hour, seconded by Mike Murphy. Motion passed.

Mayor Ron Woods said they did not have enough time to put everything together to apply for the Brownfield grant this year. He said they are going to get it done for next year and that a company in Flushing is going to help us write it.

Solicitor TJ Schultz discussed the changing of the street sweeping contract with Bethesda. Mike Murphy made a motion to begin the paperwork to renegotiate the terms to allow for Belmont to be able to operate the sweeper, seconded by Bev Yoe. Motion passed. Schultz presented Ordinance 2020-5 which updates the gym rental rates to $35 for a rental with kitchen and $25 for a rental with no kitchen, includes a deposit of $50 with kitchen usage and changes the police rate to $40 an hour when alcohol is present. Shaun Bruce made a motion to have a first reading on Ordinance 2020-5, seconded by Bev Yoe. Motion passed. Schultz said for the record, the village has no control over the Post Office or what they do.

Fiscal Officer Rick Burkhead presented resolution 2020-6 which applies for the Ohio COVID relief program. Shuan Bruce made a motion to approve Resolution 2020-6, seconded by Lorie Grob. Motion passed. Burkhead asked for a motion to transfer $3,000 from General Fund to Police. Derek Cain made a motion to approve the transfer, seconded by Mike Murphy. Motion passed. He said council needs to have supplemental appropriations approved for 2020. He said council needs to appropriate another $10,000 for the police fund, and $25,000 for the EMS fund. Lorie Grob made a motion to approve the supplemental appropriations, seconded by Mike Murphy. Motion passed. Burkhead asked council if they would be interested in purchasing a pavement roller alongside Bethesda and Goshen Township. Burkhead said it is a relatively new roller and the cost is $14,500 and that we would need to discuss the logistics of paying for repairs if needed and operating times etc. Shaun Bruce made a motion to proceed with the purchase and being negotiations on the terms of storage, use, and costs involving it, seconded by Derek Cain. Motion passed.

Burkhead said we advertised for two weeks for the AEP franchise agreement and that we now have to grant AEP a 60 day extension to accept the franchise agreement. Lorie Grob made a motion to grant the extension, seconded by Bev Yoe. Motion passed.

Water Board President Kenny Davis said they had to purchase 71 percent of our water last month. He said they had some maintenance was done to the well house and a pipe was fixed that was on the verge of breaking. Davis said there was some discoloration but it was flushed out. Davis said hydrant flushing will take place next week. Davis said we are forming an annual hydrant flushing schedule. He said there was a new water tap for Ralph Underwood. There were 14 delinquents last month which is the same usually people.

Police Chief Andy Miller state that last month there were 34 calls, 22 traffic stops, 14 citations, and three assists out of town. Miller said that year to date there have been 239 calls and 122 traffic stops, and 67 citations. He said there are 12 tickets left for the gun raffle. He said the raffle will take place on Facebook live on 11/20/20. He said Happy Tails is helping the police department and designed and printed stickers for the department to sell. Miller said he is also making T-shirts for us to sell as well as will be donating one day revenues to the police department. He said three officers were working on Halloween.

Mike Murphy said the fire department is raffling 500 tickets for a $50 J-Mo’s gift card and a 5ct freezer for $10 each. He said there is a hole in the building that the police car is stored that needs fixed.