Former Barnesville K-9 in need of help

Submitted to the Enterprise

After serving the Barnesville Police Department for more than five years, K-9 Dixie is in need of surgery. Her two-legged partner, Andrew Stewart, started a GoFundMe fundraiser for help paying for her ACL surgery. "Dixie served our community for five years without asking for anything in return, but we could really use some help with this," Stewart wrote on the fundraiser. "Although she's no longer the acting K-9 in our small town, she will forever be my partner, and I owe it to her to give her all the care in the world, but I can't afford this on my own. I know times are hard right now, it's been hard for us too."

Dixie played a key role in the community -- from educating children about the fundamental functions of police work to tracking/apprehending suspects, as well as aiding in the largest traffic stop drug seizure in the history of the department. Dixie's exceptional service was even recognized by the Police K-9 Association by receiving the coveted "Battle Mug" on two separate occasions. Dixie is only 7 years old, but years of jumping in and out of our Police K-9 SUV's has taken a serious toll on her knees. In 2018, she tore the ACL in her right knee. She underwent surgery and made a full recovery in record time -- allowing her to return to service. Unfortunately, they knew it was likely only a matter of time until the left ACL followed suit. The time has come, and Dr. Yurko of the K.E.Y. Animal Hospital confirmed that the ACL in her left knee has finally given out. She is in good spirits, as always, but it's heartbreaking to see her in any amount of pain, and even harder to see her crippled by the instability of a torn ligament. “We were fortunate to avoid the burden of the cost of the 2018 surgery thanks to the kindness of some very special people, but now, Dixie no longer has the benefit of using the police departments K-9 funds, and the costs of caring for her is solely my responsibility,” Stewart said. Dixie's ACL surgery will cost $3,000.

“We have managed to secure a spot on Dr. Yurko's busy surgery schedule for Dec. 10, but only if we can come up with the money by then ... I know times are hard right now, it's been hard for us too. Even if you can't donate, please consider sharing this post so it may reach as many eyes as possible. Thank you all for showing your love,” Stewart said.

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