Successful Barnesville Summer Lunch Program ends

Special to the Enterprise

Program Coordinator the Rev. Jean Cooper reports another successful Barnesville Summer Lunch Program. She recently posted on social media the following report: 

"Thanks to all who contributed to another successful season of Summer Lunches. We served about 230 lunches a day; 1,150 per week; 12,650 for the 11 week period from June 1 through Aug. 13. It took the combined efforts of the many financial contributions, 10-12 volunteers each day preparing sandwiches and filling bags, and 8 drivers per week. Thanks to the 15 or so regular workers and the 30+ individuals (including youth from Girl Scouts, Kindness U, and others) who put in time throughout the summer. A special thanks also goes to the folks at Bethesda Christian Church who kept us supplied with bags of chips.

"Because of the generous financial contributions, this year we added some more variety to the weekly menus including occasional clementine oranges, go-go applesauce, go-gurts, string cheese, snack pouches and drinks, along with the usual fair. The children really appreciated our efforts. Those of us who were privileged to deliver lunches to their homes were greeted with joyful shouts "it's the lunch lady!" heard from inside the door, excited little hands reaching out and taking the sacks, smiles and thank you's. One daycare group sent thank you cards during the last week, and another gave us pictures drawn and signed by the grateful kids.

To all of you in the community, a big 'Thank You' from the Summer Lunch coordinators, and from the children and parents at the Glenwood and Abby apts. in Bethesda, Pine Lake trailers in Belmont, and families in Barnesville, Somerton, and Hendrysburg.

It has been a joy to serve our children, and we look forward to doing it all again in 2022!"