Candidates, issues set for November ballot

Special to the Enterprise

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — The Belmont County Board of Elections certified the following area candidates for the Nov. 2 General Election ballot:

Barnesville:  Council, (four to elect) –  Jamie L. Betts, Steven Hill, Tony C. Johnson, Leslie Tickhill, Courtney Valine, Brian Yarnall

Belmont: Council (four to elect) – Derek Cain, Michael H. Murphy, Beverly Yoe; Board of Public Affairs (one to elect) – Jerry McCombs.

Bethesda: Council (four to elect) – Jordan L. Castelo, Zachery Gaston, Joshua Haught, Charles R. Little, Carrol A. Merritt, Linda Reeves, Ruth A. Saffell, Jay VanHorn.

Morristown: Council (four to elect) – Bradlee Gibson, Pamela R. McCort, John J. Rataiczak.

Goshen Township: Trustee (two to elect) – P.C. Clark, Richard A. Whitely Jr.

Kirkwood Township: Trustee (two to elect) – Kevin M. Arigoni, Ronald F. Temple; Fiscal Officer (unexpired term ending 3/31/2024) No candidate filed.

Smith Township: Trustee (two to elect) – Hannah Baker (Write-in), Michael B. DeLaney, Ronald W. Duvall, David A. Heath.

Somerset Township: Trustee (two to elect) – James W. Anderson, Dale L. Betts, Matthew Cook.

Union Township: Trustee (two to elect) – Justin Demarchi, Tony Kolanski.

Warren Township: Trustee (two to elect) – Russell Barker, Jimmy Lee Grear.

Wayne Township: Trustee (two to elect) – William E. Davis, Rick D. Hagan.

Barnesville School Board: (one unexpired term) – No candidate filed. Term commencing January 1, 2022 (three to elect) – Robert D. Miller, Janice Milliken, Leslie Shultz, Kenneth Triplett, Tammy Wells.

Union Local School Board: (three to elect) – Alan Bretz, Larry Cain, Edward Stenger, David Taylor.

Issues facing western Belmont County voters include: 

Belmont County: .75 mills, five-year levy funding for Belmont County 911 Public Safety Emergency Radio Communications System.

Belmont County: 1 mill, five-year renewal providing and maintaining senior services and facilities.

Morristown: Proposed Ordinance – Shall the Village of Morristown adopt the sensible marihuana ordinance, which lowers the penalty for misdemeanor marijuana offenses to the lowest penalty allowed by State Law.

Somerset Township: 1.3 mills, renewal for five years for repair and construction of roads and bridges.

Barnesville Hutton Memorial Library – A School District Library: 1 mill, renewal for five years for current expenses.