Union Local FFA holds spring banquet, installs new officers

Union Local chapter holds spring banquet, installs new officers

Carson Phillips/FFA Chapter Reporter
Pictured are the Union Local FFA members who received their FFA letter patches.

BELMONT -- The Union Local FFA Chapter had its 2021 Spring Banquet on May 6.

Throughout the banquet, many awards were given out to recognize the hard work and dedication demonstrated by the members.

Many members of CDE teams were honored. The trapshooting team included Faith Galavich, Colten Luyster, Adreanna Harper, and Charlee Daugherty. Faith Galavich placed in the female top five.

The public speaking team included Faith Galavich who participated in the Extemporaneous Public Speaking division, Carson Phillips who participated in the beginning prepared division and Karlie Loos who participated in the Creed Speaking division. Galavich placed third in her division, Phillips placed first in the district competition and 10th at the state competition and Loos placed fifth in her division.

The Livestock Evaluation CDE was completed by Cheyenne Dallas, Faith Galavich, Alison Johnson, Miles Burkhart, Adreanna Harper, Lane Ogilbee, Emma Coates, Charlee Daugherty, and Coleman Peck.

Union Local FFA Star Greenhand Award winner Karlie Loos, left, is pictured with Faith Galavich.

Colten Luyster, Franklin Saffell, Rylan Luyster, and Faith Galavich participated in the August online state competition for the Livestock Evaluation CDE.

Faith Galavich also participated in the Soil Contest CDE.

Cheyenne Dallas, Frankie Saffell, Faith Galavich, Rylan Luyster and Colten Luyster all participated in the Wildlife Management and or the Nature Interpretation CDE.

Rylan Austin, Faith Galavich, Miles Burkhart, Lane Oglibee, Bryan Neidert and Austin McAfee participated in the Dairy Cattle CDE.

Colten Luyster, Donald Franklin and Chyler Peck participated in the August Online Dairy Cattle CDE.

Rylan Austin and Faith Galvich participated in the Equine Management CDE.

Alison Johnson, Faith Galavich, Colten Luyster, Austin McAfee, and Bryan Neidert participated in the Polutry Judging online CDE in March.

Faith Galavich, Adreanna Harper, Frankie Saffell, Carrie Pitman, Lane Ogilbee, Alyssa Betts, and Sierra Betts were all recognized for their hard work and dedication for exhibiting livestock at the Belmont County Fair.

Union Local FFA Star Chapter Farmer Rylan Luyster, left, is pictured with Faith Galavich

A new award given to members this year was FFA varsity letters. Adreanna Harper, Alison Johnson, Austin McAfee, Bryan Neidert, Carrie Pittman, Charlee Daugherty, Cheyenne Dallas, Colten Luyster, Donny Franklin, Faith Galavich, Frankie Saffell, Megan Garrison, and Rylan Luyster were the FFA letter recipients.  

The Greenhand Degree recipients were recognized, along with the Chapter Degree recipients. Freshman member Karlie Loos received the Star Greenhand Award for her dedication to the chapter and has demonstrated leadership, scholarship and has a strong SAE program. Sophomore member Rylan Luyster received the Star Farmer award for his excellent leadership, service to both the chapter and community and a good SAE program in place.

American Degrees are the highest degree an FFA member can earn. Union Local FFA is very proud to announce that there are four members of the FFA who are eligible for this honor. Alyssa Betts, Sierra Betts, Faith Brandon and Halee Brown are those four members.

Union Local FFA is always striving to make sure our students are getting good grades while involved in FFA. Senior Megan Garrison, Junior April Funkhouser, Sophomore Kaylin Burress and Freshman Lauren Miller are the four members who received the Chapter Scholar Award.

Union Local FFA American Degree candidates include, l to r, Halee Brown, Faith Brandon, Sierra Betts, and Alyssa Betts.

Four other members were honored and we were given an award based on their leadership skills.

The Chapter Leadership award went to Senior Faith Galavich, Junior Charlee Daugherty, Sophomore Frankie Saffell and Freshman Carson Phillips. Faith Galavich, Megan Garrison and Colten Luyster were selected as the winners of the Alumni Scholarship; these students were later honored at the Union Local Scholarship Banquet. Megan Garrison, Faith Galavich, Cheyenne Dallas, Colten Luyster were a part of the senior recognition and those four will receive an FFA sash to wear at graduation.

Emily Fouts, Beaux Clark, David Burghy, Nathan Luyster, Bryan Neidert, Austin McAfee, Harleigh Temple, Chyler Peck, Allison Johnson, and Heidi Hull were also recognized during senior recognition. 

The installation of new officers for the 2021-22 year took place. The new officers are: Frankie Saffell, president; Charlee Daughtery, vice president; Jaci Reynolds, secretary; Kaylin Burress, treasurer; Carson Phillips, reporter; Rylan Luyster, sentinel; Adreanna Harper, student advisor; Kimberly Dallas, chaplain; and Karlie Loos, historian.  

The Union Local FFA would like to thank all of its supporters. Especially this year's shirt sponsors Belmont Mills, J-Mo Meats, and Barnesville Livestock. They would also like to thank the Belmont County Farm Bureau and Belmont County Soil and Water Office for their help with their school Land Lab.