Union Local FFA President named 2021-22 Ohio FFA Sentinel

Special to the Enterprise

BELMONT -- Faith Galavich was recently named the 2021-22 Ohio FFA Sentinel.

Galavich is the first-known Union Local FFA member to receive an Ohio FFA office from the Union Local FFA program. 

This was her second year running for office. On April 29, it was announced during the first session of Ohio FFA convention that she was slated for an office. On April 30, they announced that Galavich was selected for the Ohio FFA State Sentinel position.

Faith Galavich

"About six years ago, I attended my sister's FFA Banquet. At the banquet, there was a person in a blue corduroy jacket who gave a speech," Galavich said. "This person made me feel something inside and I knew from that moment that I wanted to do what they were doing. I didn't find out they were a state officer until I went to greenlhand camp.

Sophomore year, I found out what it took to be a state officer and about the interview process," she said."After following their journey and learning about the program, I realized that being an Ohio FFA State Officer is something I wholeheartedly wanted. After four years of falling in love with the Ohio FFA organization, I am honored to say that I will be serving as the 2021-22 Ohio FFA State Sentinel. I look forward to serving the Ohio FFA and its members in this year of service this year with my team. Thank you to every single person who helped me get where I am today,” she said.