They're coming! Bood X Cicadas to emerge soon

Special to the Enterprrise

REYNOLDSBURG – Get ready! We are about to get bombarded by a swarm of very noisy, very large bugs. A type of cicada that only comes out every 17 years in about to emerge.

The Brood X Cicadas have burrowed underground for nearly two decades and will make their way to the surface in late April and early May. The Ohio Department of Agriculture says they won’t cause any harm to your home, gardens, crops or animals. They also won’t harm mature trees, but residents are encouraged to consider protecting newly planted trees by wrapping them with a mesh net.

The noise Brood X Cicadas make is loud and distinct. In large groups, the sound can reach as high as 100 decibels, about the same as a motorcycle, low-flying plane or lawnmower starting. Cicadas come to the surface, molt and mate, before dying off.