Belmont County man arrested at ‘Meth Mountain’

Special to the Enterprise

SOMERTON -- A 42-year old Belmont County man was arrested April 19 at what is known as “Meth Mountain,” according to Belmont County Sheriff David Lucas.

William B. Kinison is the owner of the residence located at McDowell Road in the Somerton area of Belmont County. He was arrested on trafficking in drugs, a felony 2 charge; having weapons under disability and complicity, both felony 3 charges.

According to the sheriff, this is the third search warrant that has been executed at this residence in the last three years.

The sheriff said his office will seek civil forfeiture of this property through the Belmont County prosecutor’s office.

Sheriff Lucas also said more individuals could be charged as the investigation continues.

The Monroe County detectives and the Barnesville Police Department were also instrumental during the arrest.

Kinison is awaiting his arraignment on the drug charges in the Belmont County Jail on $35,000 bond.