OHHS receives grant from JB Green Team to implement recycling program

Special to The Enterprise
Carol Davolio, RN, director of clinical services, utilizing the recycling containers.

Ohio Hills Health Services (OHHS) received funding through a JB Green Team grant to purchase recycle bins for the Barnesville Family Health and Dental Center. These bins will assist with the implementation of a recycling program for paper, plastic and aluminum. Recycling bins have been placed throughout the Barnesville Family Health and Dental centers and will be available for patients, visitors and employees.

“While a number of employees have voiced an interest in a recycling program, it was the JB Green Team grant that provided the inspiration for us to move forward on this much-needed project,” said Michael Carpenter, chief operating officer for OHHS. “Offering a comprehensive recycling program demonstrates our commitment to the community and the environment. Our hope is also to be able to extend this program to our other health centers.”

Plastic and aluminum recycling containers have been placed in waiting areas, break rooms, and next to soft drink machines. Paper recycling containers are located next to copy machines, in the mailroom, and at workstations throughout the facility.

“As an organization, OHHS wants to go the extra mile to care for our patients, but also the environment and our community,” said Jeff Britton, CEO of OHHS. “The JB Green Team made this possible. Thank you.”

The Barnesville Family Health and Dental Center has over 35 employees and approximately 9,000 patients visited the facility each year. All employees and patients can potentially benefit from the new recycling program. For additional information regarding OHHS, call 740-239-6447.