Barnesville native's new book looks at life after trauma

By Heather Sevigny

Taking back her life after an unnerving and brutal rape, Anne Reeder Heck discovered that not only must we focus on our physical health, but our spiritual and mental health, as well.

Her new book, “A Fierce Belief in Miracles, My Journey from Rape to Healing and Wholeness” documents the trials and tribulations Heck experienced as she made

that journey.

A Barnesville native, Heck's easy way of storytelling conveys the sense of safety

and trust that often comes with living in a small town. She recounts stories of her life

with family and friends and tells how those moments help mold the way she learned to

trust and believe.

As the victim of violent rape, Heck describes the inevitable change this brought

into her life.

Author Anne Reeder Heck.

After suffering numerous physical manifestations of pain and finding no

relief, she changes her perspective and opens herself to a new journey, one of spiritual

and emotional healing that takes her down more than a few unlikely paths. "We discover

that sometimes our physical pain can be linked to our mental anguish, and the path to

healing can lead you to places you wouldn’t expect," she said.

Courageously and beautifully written, Heck gives those questioning themselves

the faith to take the chance and heal their pain in more unconventional ways. Tuning

in to her story and listening to what she says illuminates a non-traditional path to

wellness, and a lesson to be learned.

When asked whether she found if writing the book made her energized or

exhausted, Heck replied, “Completing this book was both energizing and challenging.

Writing about trauma requires digging deep to be able to articulate what’s true for you,

then reworking the words again and again in the editing process. The editing was

re-traumatizing, and there were times I needed to step back from the work to take

compassionate care of myself. Ultimately, these challenges offered an opportunity for

growth, and I’m grateful for the experience.”

With a visit home sometime in the next year, Heck states “ .... (I) am planning a

trip in 2021, and will contact the local library and booksellers at that time to see if we

can set up an event.”

Those hoping to possibly meet the author and get their copy signed can keep an eye on her website,, and can follow her social media at,, and

“A Fierce Belief in Miracles, My Journey from Rape to Healing

and Wellness” will be out Sept. 22. Readers can find the Barnesville native's book

available in paperback and e-book from local bookstores or pre-order online at Amazon,

Barnes & Noble, or Indiebound.