OOGA reviewing Washington Co. water report

Barnesville Enterprise

The following is a statement from OOGA President Matt Hammond on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Washington County produced Water Investigation Report

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Oil & Gas Association is still in the process of reviewing the full findings of the report issued recently by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

It is clear that the report limits this situation to one specific zone in a 10-mile radius — a formation not commonly used for disposal of saltwater. We believe a solution to the issues cited in the report is to drill to deeper formations that are geologically best-suited to receive, isolate and contain produced waters from oil and gas operation, as has been the practice in Ohio for over 40 years under guidance from the U.S. EPA. In fact, the operator highlighted in the report has already voluntarily stopped injecting into the identified formation.

We firmly believe UIC wells can continue to operate safely and responsibly to protect public health and the environment. The current regulations governing Ohio’s long-time UIC program have recently received positive reports from peer reviews and audits from nationally known and well-respected organizations, including the U.S. EPA and Groundwater Protection Council.

As always, OOGA is ready and willing to work collaboratively with the DeWine administration, Ohio Department of Natural Resources and all stakeholders to ensure the continued proper regulatory structure and guidelines are in place to solve this situation in a safe and responsible manner.