Only $39 for one year.
Only $39 for one year.

Barnesville man sentenced to prison for rape of children

Staff Report

Dale Gordon Sr., 60, of Barnesville, received two life sentences, the maximum sentence, for two counts of rape to which he had admitted.

In court last week, it was revealed that he actually victimized four little girls, ranging in age from eight to 10.

Judge Frank Fregiato read statements from the girls, revealing in graphic terms the details of the offenses.

Another statement, submitted by their mother, described the children’s ongoing fears and psychological trauma caused by Gordon’s actions.

“I’m sorry for everything,” said Gordon. “I wish the girls can heal. I’m so sorry.”

The defense asked that Gordon’s life terms be concurrent (served together at once) rather than consecutive.

But Judge Frank Fregiato ruled that they be consecutive, saying otherwise it would send the message that “you can rape who you want, serve your time, then get out and rape some more.”

The judge said this sentence is to send a message that the rape of children will not be tolerated in Belmont County.