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Ohio dean's list spring semester 2020 annnounced

Staff Writer
Barnesville Enterprise

ATHENS -- More than 9,500 students qualified for the spring semester 2020 Dean's List at Ohio University, including main and regional campuses. Students included:

Emily Sleeth of Barnesville.

Zak Kriechbaum of Barnesville.

Joseph Burkhart of Barnesville.

Sarah McMillen of Barnesville.

Ariana Johnston of Barnesville.

Katie Jackson of Barnesville.

Paige Huntsman of Barnesville.

Chance Goolie of Barnesville.

Paige Collins of Barnesville.

Dillon Freeman of Barnesville.

Alexander Stewart of Barnesville.

Jacob Leach of Barnesville.

Gracie Hayes of Barnesville.

Hunter Miller of Barnesville.

Hannah Burkhart of Barnesville.

Abigail Starr of Barnesville.

Leah Wells of Barnesville.

Drew Strauss of Barnesville.

Kelly Gallagher of Barnesville.

Madelyn Hoffer of Barnesville.

Paul Ebeling of Barnesville.

Erin Hannahs of Barnesville.

Madison Sellers of Barnesville.

Hayley Jackson of Barnesville.

Sydney Leach of Barnesville.

Shane Tomlin of Barnesville.

Brianna Leach of Barnesville.

Kyle Carpenter of Beallsville.

Justin Riley of Beallsville.

Devin Blair of Beallsville.

Elaina Swallow of Beallsville.

Emma Turner of Beallsville.

Taylor Ferguson of Beallsville.

McKinzey Dierkes of Bethesda.

Elsa Bretz of Bethesda.

Alyssa Morrison of Bethesda.

Lauren Pyle of Bethesda.

Kiley Ciroli of Bethesda.

Gavin Porter of Bethesda.

Avery Morgan Sipe of Bethesda.

Kaelyn Miller of Bethesda.

Sarah Lendon of Bethesda.

Halle Gehrig of Jerusalem.

Alexis Wheeler of Quaker City.

Kyle McCort of Quaker City.

Samantha Seevers of Quaker City.

Joseph Schumacher of Woodsfield.

Cheyenne Williams of Woodsfield.

Morgan Dick of Woodsfield.

Grant Copley of Woodsfield.

Marlee Miller of Woodsfield.

Tyler Pittman of Woodsfield.

Brittany Gromley of Woodsfield.

Grayce Dierkes of Woodsfield.

Kirsten Friday of Woodsfield.

Logan Knowlton of Woodsfield.

Cheyenne Wilson of Woodsfield.

Zachary Heslop of Jacobsburg.

Kelsey Chimley of Jacobsburg.

Julie Daugherty of St. Clairsville.

Ryan Fluharty of St. Clairsville.

Megan Smolenak of Saint Clairsville.

Morgan Edwards of Saint Clairsville.

Justin Lane of Saint Clairsville.

Kennady Walker of Saint Clairsville.

Alex Beihl of Saint Clairsville.

James Wilson of Saint Clairsville.

Hannah May of St Clairsville.

Jake Schwarz of Saint Clairsville.

Zachary Bigelow of Saint Clairsville.

Leah Nau of Saint Clairsville.

Levi Smith of Saint Clairsville.

Nicole Beck of St. Clairsville.

Richard Fordyce of Saint Clairsville.

Tori Cannon of Saint Clairsville.

Duncan Pagano of Saint Clairsville.

Jordan Starkey of St. Clairsville.

John Kasik of Saint Clairsville.

Jenna Cunningham of Saint Clairsville.

Alexa Binger of Saint Clairsville.

Jacob Debertrand of Saint Clairsville.

Ashley Rankin of Saint Clairsville.

Marta Bos of Saint Clairsville.

Guytano Pagano of Saint Clairsville.

Students on the Dean's List came from an array of states, as more than 40 states were represented, including: Kentucky, Alabama, Maryland, California, Virginia, Connecticut, Florida and Ohio, as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

Ohio University students must earn at least a 3.5 grade point average for the semester with a schedule of classes totaling at least 15 hours, 12 of which were taken for letter grades, to achieve this distinction.