Significant business and individual contributors to the improvements seen thus far at Shamrock Stadium in Barnesville will be recognized through an Honor Wall at the stadium complex. In addition, as additional businesses and individuals make needed contributions toward stadium improvement projects, they will also be recognized on the Honor Wall.
An artist rendering of the Honor Wall can be seen in the above picture. The Wall will be erected this fall and inscribed with the names of current business and individual sponsors at various donation/ support levels ( $5,000, $2,000, $1,000 and $500).
Many people outside of the Barnesville area who have seen the improvements to the main field, practice field, parking lot and the complex itself and have remarked at how impressive the improvements have been. They have stated that the main field is the nicest natural turf field that they have seen in this area.
These improvements are the result of the generosity  of many local businesses and individuals. However, to maintain the field and complex in superior condition there is a need for continued improvements, as well as maintenance equipment.  
Among some of the more pressing and more important short term needs are for:  a deep tine aerator, an irrigation system for the practice field, a reel mower and tractor turf tires. These items will help to insure the field remains in excellent condition.
Many of the stadium improvements to date have been made through monetary funds provided by individuals and businesses, and through manual labor provided by the Shamrock Goaliner organization.  However, the cost of these items exceed the limited funds available within the Goaliner treasury.
Support provided to date is greatly appreciated. However, if you, or your business can provide donations and /or support in any way, please contact : President Dick Thomas at 954-295-8346, Vice-President Richard Marmie at740-680-6561, Treasurer Jay Grear or Secretary Jay Phillips.