Twenty Goaliners arrived at Shamrock Stadium Saturday morning for a planned work and clean up day activity. Power chain saws and weed eaters were busing, heavy equipment, including track hoes, dump trucks, skid steers, pickup trucks with trailers accompanied by hand picks, axes, rakes and shovels were all in action. The clearing and clean up activities involved the main front entrance to the stadium, as well as the areas behind the home bleachers.
A BIG thanks to the Goaliners who dedicated their time to this activity, which were: Kenny Mc Triplett, Scott Shipley, Jim Grear, Jay Grear, Mark Rodgers, Mike McKenzie, Randy Lucas, Jeff Crosier, Joe Hissom, Dave Johnson, Richard Marmie, Bill Mann, Charlie Gearling, Matt Hissom, Dean Harper, Aiden Harper, Larry Willis, Nick Saffield, Dick Thomas and Jay Phillips. Also a sincere thank you to Ralph Anderson for the donated use of the heavy equipment.