Walking Category: Top 7 Overall Males: Time: Top 7 Overall Females*: Time:1.Bob Morris, 55 9:28.3 1. Mary Ellen Morris, 55 9:54.42.Jeff Neal, 46 9:34.3 2. Brenda Stewart, 57 10:02.2 3.Don Zalenski, 64 9:49.1 3. Debra Czap, 54 10:18.04.George Macek, 59 9:52.8 4. Karen Mercer, 35 10:48.55.Mike Carpenter, 51 9:53.3 5. Susan Nesbitt, 55 11:12.7 6.Louie Balk, 19 10:29.4 6. Kim Evans, 41 11:23.77.Adam Scott, 26 12:33.6 7. Deb Reinacher, 42 11:28.4Running Category: Top 5 Overall Males: Time: Top 5 Overall Females*: Time:1.Nathan Cencula, 20 5:18.8 1. Chrissy Lewis, 34 5:30.72.Kody Crooks, 19 5:29.1 2. Diane McCracken, 53 6:28.03.Wayne McCracken, 51 5:33.0 3. Mindy Harding, 39 6:51.64.Eric Matyskiela, 50 6:23.9 4. Caroline Guindo, 18 7:21.25.Allan "Neffs, Ohio" Olexa, 59 6:28.0 5. Natasha Schilling, 7:26.1Top Male 9+ Under: Time: Top Female 9+ Under: Time:1.Zack Thompson, 8 8:29.1 1. Riley Helmick, 9 9:00.9Top Male 10 to 14: Time: Top Female 10 to 14: Time:1.Travis Goddard, 13 6:57.0 1. Mariah Riley, 12 8:21.6Top Male 15 to 29: Time: Top Female 15 to 29: Time:1.Derrick Stephens, 28 7:46.9 1. Mindy Carpenter, 28 7:58.4Top Male 30 to 44: Time: Top Female 30 to 44: Time:1.Dayle Hill, 33 8:15.7 1. Jodie Weber, 36 7:48.9Top Male 45 to 59: Time: Top Female 45 to 59: Time:1. Dale Landefeld, 55 6:32.5 1. Jana Shubat, 52 7:36.5Top Male 60+ Over Time: Top Female 60+ Over: Time:1.Joe Allen, 61 6:39.0 1. Bonnie Detling, 60 8:20.2Holiday Turtle Award: Time: Oldest Finisher Time:Cheryl Hoff, 60 24:21.1 Mary Ann Bartsch, 78yrs, 3mos, 23days 14:14.0Youngest Male Finisher: Time: Youngest Female Finisher: Time:Trent Lewis, 7yrs, 24days 9:09.2 Emma Helmick, 7yrs, 3mos, 11days 9:08.5 Overall Results, Page 2/5 Overall Run: Overall Walk: 1.Nathan Cencula, 202.Kody Crooks, 193.Chrissy Lewis*, 344.Wayne McCracken, 515.Eric Matyskiela, 506.Allan "Neffs, OH" Olexa, 597.Diane McCracken*, 538.Dale Landefeld, 559.Joe Allen, 6110.John Bartsch, 5411.Mindy Harding*, 3912.Travis Goddard, 1313.Dave Wells, 4614.Jim Smith, 6215.Caroline Guindon*, 1816.Natasha Shilling*, 2417.Jana Shubat*, 5218.Derrick Stephens, 2819.Jodie Weber*, 3620.Mike Stephens, 5821.Mindy Carpenter*, 2822.Hunter Graham, 1623.Mindy Minyo*, 4324.Dayle Hill, 3325.Bonnie Detling*, 6026.Mariah Riley*, 1227.Mark Brown, 5328.Chris Blackwell, 1329.Zach Thompson, 830.Kristina Matyskiela*, 3831.Tim Thompson, 3632.Mandy Hupp*, 3933.Dale Johnson, 6134.Riley Helmick*, 935.Emma Helmick*, 736.Trent Lewis, 737.Jenny Helmick*, 3538.Chris Mercer, 3439.Jeanne Davis*, 4840.Cara Singleton*, 1141.Abby Wharton*, 1142.Abby Starr*, 1043.Leah Wells*, 1044.Hayley Jackson*, 9 5:18.85:29.15:30.75:33.06:23.96:27.06:28.06:32.56:39.06:40.76:51.66:57.06:58.47:20.27:21.27:26.17:36.57:46.97:48.97:51.27:58.47:59.98:11.48:15.78:20.28:21.68:22.48:23.48:29.18:34.38:38.88:40.48:53.19:00.99:08.59:09.29:10.69:15.09:21.99:33.69:41.49:42.39:47.19:53.11.Bob Morris, 552.Jeff Neal, 463.Don Zalenski, 644.George Macek, 595.Mike Carpenter, 516.Mary Ellen Morris*, 557.Brenda Stewart*, 578.Debra Czap*, 549.Louie Balk, 1910.Karen Mercer*, 3511.Suzan Nesbitt*, 5512.Kim Evans*, 4113.Deborah Reinacher*, 4214.Michelle Palumbo*, 4315.Sharon Hendershot*, 6416.Kristy Hendershot*, 3617.Paige Wilson*, 1118.Adam Scott, 2619.Beth Wilson*, 2720.Annie Isaly*, 4921.Margaret Tippie*, 6822.Janet Blackwell*, 5123.Kathy Fowler*, 5824.Megan Riley*, 1025.Mary Ann Bartsch*, 7826.Kari Carpenter*, 5127.Cheryl Hoff*, 6044 Total Runners 22 Females* 22 Males 27 Total Walkers 20 Females* 7 Males93 Registered71 Total Finishers 42 Females* 29 Males Director's Note Below:9:28.39:34.39:49.19:52.89:53.39:54.410:02.210:18.010:29.410:48.511:12.711:23.711:28.411:37.711:38.611:53.112:30.912:33.613:26.313:27.813:29.313:32.113:33.113:56.914:14.024:21.124:22.8 Directors' Note:Dale & I would like to convey our sincerest gratitude for all the efforts that went into making the 2nd Annual Santa's Spirit Sprint a success. Without the efforts of the following people, we would not have been able to help out some needy children this Holiday Season. The following people and businesses need to be recognized. If you see them, kindly extend your appreciation and give them your business for their efforts:--Beth Mayo Secrest, Stormy Wilson, Lisa Miller Johnson, and the rest of the staff at Corner Fitness who once again provided the funding for the race and space in the business so people could keep warm and enjoy some fellowship after the event. --The fine people from Kohl's at the Highlands who provided volunteers and a large chunk of cash so that we could buy lots & lots of Christmas presents for the children!--Dennis Wilcox at Stumptown Pallets in Somerton who, as always, donated the wood to make the trophies. We thank the following people for generously donating door prizes:Jim Matysiak, Cindy Foose, Mr. & Mrs. Dave Doty, and the Barnesville Chamber of Commerce.Our appreciation goes to the Barnesville Police Department who provided traffic control and made us all safe and to the Village of Barnesville who is always supportive of all of our racing events.No race can be successful without volunteers who tirelessly assist with everything from preparations to working the finish line in the freezing cold to cleaning up. These people have our sincerest gratitude:--Rev. & Mrs. Partridge, Terida Williams, Brenda Miller, Pat Reischman, and to anybody that we have inadvertently forgotten, thank you!A special thank you goes to Molly (Peg) Harris who not only worked registration but spent hours making homemade candy and other treats. And to our spouses Jessica & Teresa who help out endlessly and in ways that can't be measured. We love you!Finally, a big Holiday Hug to all the anonymous donors who generously gave and asked nothing in return and of course all of the race participants without whom there would be no race.Shirts for this race have been ordered and will be delivered to you sometime before Christmas, ASAP. Be on the lookout for applications to the 3rd Annual Barnesville Park Rotary Lake 5k Run & 1 Mile Walk in March and the 5th Annual Rails-to-Trails 5k Run/Walk in May. Sincerely, Carl A. Kondrach, Co-Director Santa's Spirit Sprint (740)425-2535/ (740)310-2117 carlkondrach@yahoo.com