Barnesville girl's seed No. 3 for Division III Tournament

One of the biggest differences of opinions at the girls' Division III Sectional Tournament draw at Cambridge High School Sunday was who would be the No. 1 seeded team.

Monroe Central with a record of 11-3 and Martins Ferry at 10-4 were the two contenders with the Lady Seminoles earning the nod by a 4-3 vote. Martins Ferry was then the unanimous choice for the second seed.

Barnesville (7-8) got all seven votes for the No. 3 seed, while the Fort Frye Lady Cadets (5-11) and the Shenandoah Lady Zeps (5-9) were in the other contested race for the fourth spot with Fort Frye claiming the seed by a 4-3 vote. The Lady Zeps were then a unanimous choice for the fifth seed.

Every other seed was by a 7-0 vote, with Bellaire (4-12) picking up the sixth seed and Union Local (1-15) the seventh seed by default.

Monroe Central coach Troy Baker immediately placed his Lady 'Noles in the top bracket choosing line three as the visiting team in the opening game of the tourney on Wednesday, Feb. 18 at 7 p.m.

Martins Ferry then had to go in the bottom bracket and placed itself on the top line of the bracket as the home team in the Thursday, Feb. 19 game.

Barnesville, as the third seed, then went to the home team line of the second game in the lower bracket to play at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 21.

Fort Frye then positioned themselves against the Lady Riders of Martins Ferry in the Feb. 19 game and fifth seeded Shenandoah chose to go against Barnesville for a third time this year in the Saturday contest. The winners of these two games will clash on Friday, Feb. 27 at 7 p.m. for one berth in the district tournament at Steubenville.

The Lady 'Rocks and Shenandoah have split on the season with the Lady 'Zeps claiming a six-point win and Barnesville posting a one-point victory in the second outing.

"The tournament draw went about the way I expected," Barnesville coach Jamie Carpenter said, with a couple of exceptions. With two close games with Shenandoah, these are two evenly matched teams. Our year has been like a roller-coaster and I don't know what to expect. Everyone is healthy and we will just show up and play."

Shenandoah coach Lynn Miley made her choice wanting to play rather than taking a bye and setting to await the outcome of another game.

"The drawing was pretty much as I expected," she said. "You might as well play rather than take a bye and anything can happen in the tournament. After splitting with Barnesville we are pretty even. We have a lot of games to make up and hopefully, those will get us back in shape for the tournament."

Bellaire took the bye in the top bracket to await the winner of the Monroe Central game on Wednesday, Feb. 25 at 7 p.m. Union Local then had no choice but to face the top-seeded Lady Seminoles in the tournament's opening game on Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. with the winner to face Bellaire for the other district berth.

The Division III Sectional Tournament at Cambridge High School shapes up like this. Union Local and Monroe Central will open the tournament on Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. with the winner to face Bellaire on Feb. 25 at 7 p.m. for one berth in the district tournament at Steubenville against the Dover lower

bracket winner.

In the lower bracket, second seeded Martins Ferry squares off with Fort Frye on Feb. 19 at 7 p.m. and Barnesville meets Shenandoah on Feb. 21 at 2 p.m.

The two winners then play on Feb. 27 at 7 p.m. for the other spot in the district tourney against the Dover upper bracket winner.