Words cannot express the gratitude we have for the Mapleton community. They gave Maggie a day she will never forget, beginning by selling T-shirts with "Maggie’s Mounties" on the front and "Mapleton Strong" on the back. On Sept. 14, these shirts were worn by students and teachers. The Career Center even had people wearing them. That evening Mapleton dedicated their football game to her. The cheerleaders and the "mini-cheerleaders" all wore the shirts, as well as band members, several football players, and many, many spectators. "Maggie’s Mounties" was printed on the banner and was on the scoreboard. There was a beautiful heart with her name inside it painted on the field.

Thank you Mr. Kline, Mrs. Reisinger and the Soto family for putting this all together. Thank you to Ivan Soto for taking all of the pictures. Thanks to Mrs. Meehan at the Career Center for having all of the students in the class surprise Maggie by wearing the T-shirts and then having a photo shoot, and to everyone else there who wore them. Thank you to everyone who was involved in making all of this happen. A special thanks to MVD Sports for working so hard to get all of those shirts printed on time. They are beautiful.

A simple thank you to everyone isn’t enough, but please know that everything you did was appreciated so much. To know Maggie has touched so many lives and is loved by so many is just amazing. As you know, she is always happy and smiling no matter what life throws her way. This latest medical issue has been difficult for her emotionally because of the uncertainty of the outcome. This special day that you gave her, and the outpouring of love and support was exactly what she needed, and it will help to carry her through this latest journey. It was wonderful to see her realize how much she is loved by so many. We have been greatly encouraged and comforted by it and feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful community.

June Survance

West Salem