To the Editor,
My name is Scott Wolfe and I am the owner of Wolfe Appliances in Barnesville. My building sits on the corner of Gardner and Main streets in town. A couple of months ago I set out through the Village Council to have my sidewalks replaced. Throughout my quest speaking to council and the officials of this village, I’ve been threatened, attempts were made to intimidate me with under the breath comments, challenges were thrown to me to bring action even though I’m a man willing to pay for my sidewalks through the villages sidewalk program! Going through this process, I’ve been educated with many sidewalk problems that exist throughout the village and are in fact in clear violation of the AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT . It is the struggle of my process that makes me wonder what are the priorities of the council members in this village? It is my opinion that the sidewalks represent the image of any town. Sidewalks are a way to say, “we invite you into our community to shop, eat, walk, run, stroll your little ones around town, buy a home and enjoy our atmosphere”, but it doesn’t seem as though that is the case here.
We have a council that loans 1.5 million dollars to a hospital, but doesn’t want adequate sidewalks for those most likely in need of that hospital to be able to get there!
I didn’t set out to be the poster boy to take up the issue for the handicap, disabled, runners or walkers in this village, but as a man who is obviously frustrated, I think it is shameful to do nothing! I hope the people of Barnesville can be forgiving,understanding and supportive for the actions I’m about to pursue to correct this problem. I thank you for everyone’s time and attention.
Scott Wolfe,