IT WAS an unforgettable weekend, the first weekend in November, for me and all my family.  We went to Washington, D.C. for the Saturday evening wedding of our relative, Matt, and his fiancee, Melissa.  Matt is the grandson of my brother, Allen Palmer, who could not make the trip.  
 ALL OF us from out of town had rooms at the Hilton McClean where the Jewish wedding service, dinner and party were held.  It was the loveliest and a most elegant affair.  The occasion began with a dinner for out of town guests Friday evening and concluded with a brunch Sunday morning.  
The Craig Campbell and Rich Wells families and I left early Saturday morning for the wedding, having stayed here for the final BHS football game Friday night.  We made it in plenty of time Saturday to get the two Campbell girls, Alivia and Aniston, dressed to be flower girls in the wedding.
ON SUNDAY we moved to The W in Washington from where we walked miles around Washington, taking in as many sights as possible, many a first time, close-up experience.  There were two specific things to be seen inside - the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and other historic documents in the National Archives, and from the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s red slippers in the Smithsonian.  These we saw, and so much more.
  WE WERE delayed walking around the White House initially because four black limos were entering the driveway.  Later, however we did stroll down the road and just beyond saw a most unexpected sight - a red fox in a wooded area.  Further along, there was a large, red-tailed hawk, another thing not on a list of things to see in our nation’s capital.
OLDSTERS LIKE me are often accused of being in their “second childhood,” and I’m guilty.  I was as excited seeing and doing all these things as any child.  The only difference is that it’s hard to remember everything we did and saw.
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