SEPTEMBER BEGINS and ends on a high note - Labor Day starts the first week-end followed by the Belmont County Fair, and the Barnesville Pumpkin Festival brings the month to a grand conclusion.  And there’s a lot going on in between.  Football will reign as king all four weekends with other fall sports getting in there, too.  And then there’s the finish of summer sports - golf and baseball with the local interest teams contending.  
SEPTEMBER 11, AKA 911, has been officially  named Patriot Day.  Two other days on calendars are Rosh Hashana on the 5th and Yom Kippur on the 14th.  
  FRIDAY September 13, is the first of two such days in this final quarter of the year.  BHS athletes may be a bit nervous on those two Friday nights as they face rival opponents.  In September it will be the Union Local gridders on their field in Morristown.  On Friday, December 13, it will be Monroe Central on the hardwood in Woodsfield.
    THE FULL HARVEST Moon is set to shine on the 19th followed on the 22nd by the Autumnal Equinox or beginning of Fall.  
    THE GRAND finale of the month, the 50th annual Barnesville Pumpkin Festival, begins with the exciting Giant Pumpkin Weigh-in on Wednesday evening the 25th although the official opening is Thursday evening with a Darren Miller cutting the ribbon.    HIGHLIGHTING the special events this year at the Festival will be the live appearance of the Ohio Lottery’s Cash Explosion on Saturday.
    WITH ALL this going on this month we may fail to notice that we’ve lost almost two hours of daylight.  But, we can enjoy those shortened sunny days shining on the beautiful fall foliage.
jeanealities is compiled by Jean Palmer Davies, lifetime Barnesville Enterprise associate.  She may be reached at