Though Ive been living in Houston, Texas for the past 29 years, I always look forward to reading the Barnesville Enterprise when it arrives in my mail on a weekly basis. A while back, the Enterprise ran a story on Barnesville native Karin Bergquist, her husband Linford Detweiler, and their band called Over the Rhine. Since I knew Karin from my school days, I went to their web site to read more about them (www.overtherhine.com), and to see if they might be playing locally here in Houston. Well, fortunately on Friday, September 14th, my wife and I had the opportunity to go hear them play at a venue called Dosey Doe in the Woodlands, just north of Houston. The Dosey Doe is a 165-year-old historical structure that was originally built in Kentucky as a tobacco barn, and was torn down, brought to the Woodlands and re-built. The 300-600-year-old growth oak and birch massive beams are the foundation not only for a beautiful room but also for the great acoustics. It was a remarkable acoustic show by Karin and Linford. Its so enjoyable to see someone doing what they truly love and having success at it. You can hear it in their soulful touching songs and the stories they tell. I purchased their latest CD titled The Long Surrender after the show. Its a wonderful collection of songs that reflect their passion for what they do. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and when I told their tour manager to tell Karin that I was there and that I was from Barnesville, we got invited backstage after the show. We chatted for a while and did a little reminiscing about our days in Barnesville. I highly recommend checking out their web site for their tour schedule and to go hear them play. They are currently planning to play quite a few Ohio venues in late October through December of this year. I know that Ill be keeping an eye on their tour schedule for future appearances here in Texas.


Scott Willis,

Sugar Land, Texas