jeanealities - April 20, 2011FOOD FOR BODY & SOULIT HAS often amazed me how many pizza businesses there are in the village of Barnesville. And they all seem to keep busy.ANOTHER ABUNDANCE we have is churches. Most of these have been here for many years and offer a variety of beliefs and practices.HOME PIZZA has been here the longest. It has been joined by Dominos, Fox's and D and J's. There are other businesses such as Subway and Bob's Drive Thru which offer pizza along with other food items. And there are all kinds of frozen pizzas available in the food stores. Some folk even make their own "from scratch."REGARDLESS OF the source, pizza is unquestionably the most popular food for group events, especially among the younger generation.OLDEST AMONG the institutions offering spiritual food are the Quaker, Methodist and Presbyterian churches. There are two Churches of Christ, a former Disciples of Christ, now an independent Christian Church, Baptist, Nazarene, Assembly of God, Assumption Catholic Church, some Pentecostal groups and Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses.THIS WEEKEND will offer many opportunities for enjoying food for both body and soul. Happy Easter!jeanealities is compiled by Jean Palmer Davies, lifetime associate of the Barnesville Enterprise. She may be reached at