As a professional organizer it is not my habit to tell anyone that they need "more", however, this season I see a large empty space that needs to be filled. And by far, these are the absolute best things you can give this Christmas.

These gifts are rare when they are genuine. However, they must be given away for their value to be revealed. These purposeful presents will change you, your family and our world.

Pick out one of these gifts and give it today! Imagine our world cluttered with gifts like these:

Gratitude - When you are thankful, you don't gripe or complain. Can we commit to giving the gift of gratitude? Even when people are mean, aren't you glad that you are not them? As we sit in our mounds of dirty clothes, let's be grateful to have that many clothes! Give thanks for everything you have, for even the poorest of Americans have more than 90% of the world. No complaining.

Courtesy - Would it really hurt us to just be nice? Open the door for someone or wave, even if you don't know them! This isn't the season of joy for many lonely hurting people, look for them, and make it your mission to give this present away. Your smile does make a difference, use it!

Humbleness - Do we really have to be right all the time? Is it okay, just for this season to let someone else have another perspective? If by you winning, everyone else loses, you have won nothing. Don't fight over things that don't matter. Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? Make a decision to be humble.

Forgiveness - This is the reason for the season. Don't expect forgiveness yourself if you can't forgive others. Truly this is the gift that keeps on giving. Forgiveness is a gift you also give yourself, it sets you free. Forgive now, and forgive all. If you hold bitter feelings for someone (whether a betrayer family or an unknown sloppy driver), they are in control of your thoughts!

If you purposefully and intentionally choose to give away one of these gifts everyday, we all will have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a FANTASTIC NEW YEAR!

Holly Boyd is a professional organizer, author and speaker who lives in Barnesville Ohio! More ideas at