TWO BOOKS published last year tell in word and pictures what often is referred to as "the good old days," although they recount tough times just as serious as there are today in an entertaining way. The memories can provide a brief escape in a delightful way. COLD OUTHOUSES and KEROSENE LAMPS was compiled and edited by Bob Lasley and Sallie Holt. It is a living history of Southeastern Ohio in the 20th century. The other is SORRY DOWNTOWN COLUMBUS IS CLOSED by I. David Cohen. This book tells the story of "The Golden Era of Columbus - A Salute to a Bygone Time."

FPIX Outhouses book

This 500-page book is filled with short stories about people, places, events, etc. submitted by 478 Southeastern Ohio "old timers." A few familiar names among the authors are Harry Hinkle, Martha Perkins, Jim Mayhugh, Virginia Kinney, Ray Stanley, Carol Snopel, Harriet Grimsley and Denny Easterling.

PIX downtown Columbus

The author says, "The Golden Era of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s was unique and downtown was an integral part of it. The same period was also "golden" to entertainment, real estate, insurance, medicine and law. After the war ended in 1945, downtown exploded with activity. The soldiers came home, resurrected their careers, bought homes and purchased everything from clothes to cars. You could find all of these items plus anything else you needed downtown....The Golden Era of Downtown began in 1945 and lasted until 1970....This was a fabulous time!" Everything and everybody responsible for this "Golden Era" are pictured and/or described by many rare photos and personal interviews in this memorable 168-page soft-cover book.

BOTH OF these books, given by their authors, may be borrowed at Barnesville Hutton Memorial Library.

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