Warren Township residents asked to renew road and bridge levyEditor:This is to inform the residents of Warren Township (excluding the village of Barnesville) that there will be a Road and Bridge Levy on the Nov. 3 General Election Ballot.Due to an oversight, the deadline for filing the last renewal levy was missed and could not be put on the ballot. As a result, what should be a renewal levy is being referred to as an "additional" levy. The voters of Warren Township have supported the Road and Bridges tax levy in the past 30 years, and it is very important that this support continues.Please remember on Nov. 3, that the proposed "additional" 2 mill levy is the renewal levy that you have supported for so many years.For more information, please call the following:Jim Grear (740) 425-4068Dave Hissom (740) 425-1841 or 425-1836Roger Markovich (740) 425-258Township Garage (740) 425-2002