IT'S PUMPKIN TIME!ALL THE work and planning of the Pumpkin Festival Committee and the hopes and dedicated labor of the pumpkin growers come to fruition this week with Barnesville's 46th annual Pumpkin Festival. Rain or shine, there will be an orange glow everywhere. WTRF's weatherman, Dr. Dave Walker gave this forecast: "We're going into a wet period which started last Sunday. It may last for a week to 10 days which includes much of the Barnesville Pumpkin Festival." Note, he said "may."AS USUAL the last full weekend in September will be jam-packed with activities and events for everyone, so many that you'll need to keep the schedule of events, printed in the Pumpkin tabloid, in hand all the time.AFTER EXPERIENCING 46 years of the annual event, I thought I'd seen it all, but this year, I learned of another pumpkin event that is growing in popularity elsewhere. Barnesville native, Carol Murphy Daniels, and her husband, Bill, live in Florida but have become summertime residents here. On a trip they took to the northeast US and Canada, they learned of a pumpkin boat race in a little town in Canada. Internet info revealed similar events in Maine, New Hampshire and Wisconsin. The pictures here were taken at such an event.ASKING TODD and Donna Skinner, local champion giant pumpkin growers, if they had heard of pumpkin boats and related event, I got a surprising answer. One wouldn't have to go to northeast United States or to Wisconsin to see a pumpkin boat regatta, there's one just north of us in the Canfield, Ohio, area.THE OHIO VALLEY PUMPKIN GROWERS (OVGPG) will hold its official pumpkin Weigh-off on Saturday, Oct. 3, followed on Sunday, Oct. 4, by the OVGPG Pumpkin Regatta at Park's Garden Center Lake. The boats are made from giant pumpkins which didn't win in the weigh-off. Giant pumpkins between 400-800 pounds, cut lengthwise, cleaned out and fitted with oars, sails, or motors are the regatta entries.PIXThese pumpkin Regatta photos and descriptive information were found on the Internet. Barnesville has two of the major ingredients for such an event - Memorial Park lake and lots of giant pumpkins the last weekend in September. This could evolve into a pumpkin regatta the following weekend for those who aren't "pumpkined out."