On The Line With Verylnn

It's been a long spring and summer and here's hoping for a long and pleasant fall. A time for sitting on the porch or setting some flower bulbs in the ground and digging and just feeling good about things in general. Sort of off with old and on with who knows what. You know what I mean, Vern?

We're expecting a new great-grandbaby soon and that's the best of the best! A little baby girl, a rocking chair and a mam that can just about feel her little presence in my arms already....

We visited the Belmont County Fair yesterday. The weather was good and there was a pretty good amount of both people and great smelling food. We were there to see Dylan show his calf, Jill, and the two of them made Pap and Mam's morning. Soon it will be football and soccer. It's a great life if you can stay focused!

Last evening I spent some quality time washing the Explorer and trimming some limbs off the Weeping Willow tree. I'm thinking of maybe sticking some of the off-alls in a corner somewhere and maybe starting some small trees. We have a seat that circles the willow and perhaps I'll try to get it out and painted before bad weather. Even if I don't, it sounds like a plan and provides food for thought, comprenda?

Since the new roof went on the house we have had no T.V. service. I don't mind much but the-man-around-the-house is suffering from withdrawal symptoms. As I write, he's hooking up an antenna that he hope's will "make his day." That's where I come in. His better nature has returned in the absence of T.V. and maybe now if this works, things will be better for both him and me!

I suppose a lot of you are making plans and last minute adjustments for the up-coming Pumpkin Festival. That's a good thing. Maybe we'll make it over or maybe not. We'll see.

Till we meet again, I am

-- Those Kernen Kids Mam