A tree on my neighbor property fell over 4 weeks ago on to my property. This was a very big tree that topple on a project that I have been working on for going on two years. This tree is being braced off the ground by one large branch and a wooden fence post.

The neighbor has no insurance and his suggested method of removal will do more damage to my property when he tries to drag the tree off my property.

Then a township trustee came to my door and I was told that is my problem. More words were said, but that would be hear say or just what I wanted to heard, but the crux of the conversation was that this is my responsibility.

So because of this situation I will probably have to take this neighbor to court to get some relief from this situation and be made whole again.

I think we should be responsible for our actions and our liabilities, but maybe I am wrong in that thinking. Some people on the Internet has said that one situation like this could wipe out your saving and everything that you have worked for during your lifetime.

Jerry Smith, PhD.
Somerton, Ohio