I have received more information concerning the Barnesville School Superintendent. His pay was $75,000 a year in 2007 and this year, 2009, it will be $95,000. So the Superintendent, may not be getting a $20,000 pay raise in one increase.

Because of the current global monetary crisis, I feel that pay increases in the current economy that are more than 2% to 3% are unwarranted, because the teaching staff needs supplies and classroom equipment more than the Superintendent needs such a pay increase. Accepting money or benefits that are beyond a certain point these days really seems to be UnAmerican, look at all of the people who are getting cut back on their working hours, or who to take a pay cut to keep their jobs, or those who are no longer employed because of the economy. Many of the AIG executives turned their bonuses back to the company, as well as other companies have eliminated many perks and special compensations for their executives.

I have some information that I have not verified this with the State or Ohio or the local police department, but I was informed that the Superintendent had a DUI in 2005 and the school's attorney defended the Superintendent. I thought that we have laws government the conduct of school personnel such as Moral Turpitude, in simpler words, conduct contrary to community standards.

Do we allow "professional Public Servants" who deal with our children if they have a DUI on their records to stay working for the good of our children? Or is this conduct becoming a normal part of our society.

We should not have to do background check to find these things out, the school should be forthright with such information and then employment judgments concerning such acts should be made when dealing with the care and safe keeping of our children in mind.

Jerry Smith, PhD.
Somerton, Ohio