Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote; "The noblest service comes from nameless hands. And the best servant does his work unseen. VLK is writing it, as usual, her way. I believe that Mr. Holmes could not have known just how profound his thoughts actually were. In my opinion folks who must make a public display or declaration of their good deeds, helping hands and generous gifts are seeking their own rewards, those of thanks, applause and glory. Pity them when the applause dies down..... Thanks to the fact that I didn't make much preparation for spring growth last fall, I fear that my meager harvest will, indeed, mirror my less than hardy efforts. Therefore I have made a plan and hope that I, with the-man-around-the-house at my side, can see it through. I want us to plow up some of the larger beds and sow down wildflowers. Besides gaining a lot of beauty I should be able to escape exhausting duty. The plants that we don't plow up will, if we stick to my issues, be transplanted to a safer spot and be allowed to grow "at will." These last include: live forever, lilac, bleeding heart, black eyed Susan, peonies and many herbs and scattered growths. The lilys are going to be left in place to tuff it out and so will the ornamental grasses. Last year The resurrection lillies outdid themselves but sad and alac, they too must bend to my shovel. There are a couple of lengthy projects on the table here at Yesteryear and I'm actually doing the plants a favor when I give the order for retreat! There comes a time in everyone's life when they begin to realize that "One of these days, some day and when I have more time" needs to be realized as being now. One of the most uncertain things in anyone's life is length, the part we can make an effort at controlling is quality, not quaintly. Like the song goes, "Have faith, hope and charity, that's the way to live successfully." How can we know? The Bible tells us so. One of the perks to having wood heaters is being able to stand with your back to the stove or grate and warm ones self. Jessie, our much loved old mare, has much the same idea. On those days when we have an afternoon of very scarce winter sunshine, she turns her butt toward it and lets the good feelings roll. I'll see her down by the barn, looking east and letting the sun warm her old back from the west. Survival of the fittest, isn't that what it's called? We're spiffing up the bathroom a little today. Jim has gone up to Beallsville for some plaster patch and will paint the walls as soon as the two small places dry. I don't care how well the rest of a home looks, a messy bathroom tells a sad tale. You know, it's like a whole stack of atta boys can be canceled by just one ah poop! I hope I'm never even tempted to eat another chocolate bar nor cook using peanut butter. Just when the peanut caper seemed to be about the worst, a family appeared on the news yesterday telling of finding bugs or moths in their candy bars. Ye Gads! Now if that isn't a couple of diet helpers, what in the dickens would it take?? Well, I have to close and get after my part of the preparation for "the bathroom rescue", so I'll close and maybe see you later. Enjoy your week, remember that spring is only a short time away and then we can start dreading summer's heat. -- Those Kernen Kids' Mam