Free money?To the Editor,In the Sunday, 2/15/09 edition of the Wheeling News Register, Al Molnar actually said that Belmont County would be getting free money from the so called stimulus package. It's worse than that. He actually put the words, free money, in quotes and he did it twice. Does Mr. Molnar actually believe that the government can give away money and it is going to be "FREE"? Surely he is old enough to realize that nothing is free in this world, especially anything that the government does. Molnar also states in his column that Belmont County Commissioners Probst, Coffland, and Favede, would be escorting Mr. Mark Esposito, director of the Belmont County Sanitary Sewer District, and his assistant Kelly Porter to Washington , DC to meet with Representatives Charlie Wilson and Zack Space. Can you please explain how that trip will be "FREE?" Are these five people going to pay for this trip out of their own pockets? If not, then who will pay for that trip? Why are five people going to Washington , DC for a meeting with people they can meet in St. Clairsville? I thought the new commission was going to work smarter than the old commission. I guess I was as wrong as Mr. Molnar. He thinks we are getting free money and I thought our commissioners were smart. I think the taxpayers in Nebraska believe they are getting "free money" too. They're not paying for their projects, we are. But, it's an even trade because they are the ones providing the "free money" for our projects. We tax payers had better wise up or we will be using the Ohio Valley Mall for our county offices because nothing will be left there. Well, that may not be right either. The good taxpayers of Ohio will probably allow the Mall to become a casino so that the casino owners and the government can steal more of the taxpayer's money. This confuses me. Would that also create "free money"?