Dear Editor,

I am very pleased with the excellent job Ms. Janet McGreedy did researching the small town history of the Belmont County area. What she sent me was exactly what I wanted. The county road map was highly appreciated. Being an amateur historian, it has enticed me to plan numerous future visits.

I highly value the information Ms. McGreedy sent me on the many coal towns in the area. I visited Maynard, Ohio and was stunned at the time capsule it presented: a little bar, a pool room, a small grocery store, the Polish church and the Polish National Club. It is like somebody turned a switch on a time table.

After calling the County Visitor Bureau of Belmont County, the county Historical Society, the Barnesville Historical Society, the Barnesville Library, the Barnesville Visitor Bureau, and the St. Clairsville mayor's office, I had zero results. Does anybody see anything wrong here? If not, that's the problem.

Again, my utmost appreciation to Janet McGreedy for doing her job with a degree of excellence - It is rare today.


Dennis Haverly

Broadview Heights, Ohio