Top 10 organizational mythsHolly BoydChristian professional organizerGetting Organized is always top on the list of New Years resolutions. It is important because it will decreases stress, increase productivity, confidence, competence, and free us up to focus on what is TRULY IMPORTANT.And you know me, I like to get right to it so... What organizing really IS and what it is NOT:* MYTH NUMBER 1: ORGANIZED IS THE SAME AS NEATJust because things are stored in neat little piles or in neatly stacked boxes doesn't mean you are organized. The question is CAN YOU FIND IT WHEN YOU NEED IT?* MYTH NUMBER 2: ORGANIZED IS THE SAME AS BEING CLEANBig distinction... even as a Professional Organizer and I don't pull my refrigerator out to clean behind it every year - hey I've done that maybe once since we moved here. However, I can find important information, and I can find the nail clippers, scissors, keys and batteries that I want to use within a minute. AAAAH. Less mess, less stress... God bless. And it has nothing to do with the dust behind my refrigerator.* MYTH NUMBER 3: ORGANIZING MEANS SCHEDULING EVERY MINUTEI never go without my planner, yes, scheduling is important for appointments, projects and deadlines. But I certainly don't allot for every minute of every day, yikes! Just know that if you don't write down things that MUST be done, they won't get done.* MYTH NUMBER 4: YOU ARE BORN ORGANIZEDAll I can say is HA HA HA HA HA HA. Okay, maybe some people are, but for me, this was a learned skill that I practiced like everything else I've learned.* MYTH NUMBER 5: BEING ORGANIZED TAKES A LOT OF TIME AND ENERGYNo way. Newsweek will tell you that Americans spend between five-15 hours a week looking for things! Wow! That doesn't even count the phone calls to reschedule missed appointments or going out to buy things you already have but can't find!* MYTH NUMBER 6: EVERYONE I KNOW IS ORGANIZED, EXCEPT ME.See Myth #1 again. Plus, 85-90% of Americans are seeing a Physician due to a stress related illness... clutter is a killer and it affects the mass majority!* MYTH NUMBER 7: ORGANIZED PEOPLE DON'T HAVE ANY FUN.Hey, if you know me you KNOW this one isn't true! Is it fun to search endlessly for items or look foolish because you've missed important dates or appointments? Is it fun to yell at your family and accuse them of moving your stuff? Of course not! You know what is fun?Just playing around and waiting - even wanting someone to ask "Where is the..."Go ahead... make my day!