Dear Editor,

Quaker City had its first Treelighting this year. The Treelighting was sponsored by the Beaver Hills Garden Club with the help of many fine organizations and generous citizens. The garden club would like to acknowledge those who helped in various ways and cooperated to make the evening successful.

Those donating along with the garden club members were: Monetary gifts given by the Quaker City United Methodist Church and the Salesville Church of Faith. Jim and Mary Lou Trainer made and donated a big star for the tree, which will be used in the future, as well as cookies and a money gift. John and Connie Cope donated decorations and cookies.

Bernardine Flood, Dorothy Atkinson and Sandra Daniels donated decorations for the tree. Steve Hall made and donated a couple wooden deer to place on the lawn.

Special appreciation goes to the Fairview Volunteer Fire Department, and also Mike Porter and the Windstream Co. for the bucket truck to decorate the tree.

The hard work of parade organizers Stephanie Jones and Terida Williams is also greatly appreciated.

We appreciate hose who braved cold weather and turned out for the event including Pastor Wilbur Bragg, Pastor John Neff, Mayor Chuck Simeral of the Quaker City, Janet and Terry Morgan for calliope music, and of course, Santa Claus. If you are not listed here and we missed you and appreciate your help.