You know, aside from all the wealth, power and public adoration that our new first family will have going for them, here's something that would be a decided turn-off for yours truly. Imagine having to appear at all times neatly dressed and with your hair at attention and a welcoming smile and greeting for one and all. The secret service not being the least of them! Give this writer the right to wear her jammies until all hours of the day, though I don't use hair rollers ever, I could if I wanted to, and don't take away or try to exchange luxury for the comforting hum of my washer, dryer and dishwasher. It's the American dream for us "not over the hill, just coming to the crest" American ladies! To each her own and God be with whomever tries to change me.... I guess we're about to have to give up a very important freedom, come February 17. No longer will it be possible to "tune in" on a battery operated T.V.. that we might have been used to carrying out to the deck or over to the lake. If we don't have one or two of those "little boxes" sitting around, it'll be so long to Good Morning America, Saturday Night Live or Sunday Morning Coming Down. The-man-around-the-house and I just happen to have two of the devices that we purchased during the summer but everyone isn't so fortunate. I'm sure there are many folks who figured it was just a hoax or something to dupe the American public and never attempted to follow through on the warnings. Now, here they are, just a little over a month until "T" day and with probably not enough time to send for the required form nor get in line to pick up one of the items. It should surely increase the sales of those new T.V.'s that are said to be "digital ready" and convince those who haven't been to sign up for a satellite system. Do you suppose that was the notion to begin with? Jared has been a very welcome guest during the holidays. He's on his second visit as I write and he's not even close to wearing out his visitor's pass. For a seven-year-old fellow he has great presence of mind when it comes to carrying on conversation, helping with chores, sharing bits of info about the world around him and still managing to be a kid. During the last several weeks he's been bowling and soon it'll change to yet another sport that he strives to be good at, all the while having a good time. The g-granddaughter will be a little closer to us after this week. Her dad and mommie are moving about 20 or 30 miles closer and that makes a grandmam's heart enjoy the thought of more happy times. Speaking of happy times, here's wishing you a couple of baskets of cheer and seeing more of your loved ones as we begin the new year. I have a doctors visit this morning and I need to get out of here and prepare myself for the event. Stay warm and keep your teacup on the ready and I'll catch you later. -- Those Kernen Kids' Mam