Yes, it's me. I've a whole bunch of reasons but won't use up our visit boring you with them. The main things are we're here together and all is well for the moment.

We had two Christmases at our home and each one was a great joy and pleasure to the-man-around-the-house and myself. Saturday my brother and sisters, along with spouses and offspring, made the evening a Christmas gift in its self and Christmas day our boys and families were just more of a very good thing.

Speaking of good things, I wish I could show you the great new clothes that came my way. They're great. Then, of course, Skylar presented me with a big rooster that we plan to hang out by the "window on the porch" to be admired by passersby. If I had "cyber sense," I'd send along a picture of our g-grandbaby in all her Christmas splendor. She's a delight to her "Great-Grandmammie Verylnn." That title is one that I wear humbly and with much joy.

For several months Jim and I have had on hands those contraptions that we are told we need in order to watch T.V. after February. We need to have someone hook them up. Probably anyone of the grandkids is up to the task but as for us old folks, we ain't got a clue! I told you we're not in sync with this modern stuff.

T.V. and owning and watching it have fallen under the Big P. Progress is the name, no matter what or who suffers, we gotta have progress. Phooey! That's my opinion and my Big P word and I'm sticking to it.

I hope that you, everyone, had a happy and safe Christmas. I really felt sorry for our President-elect and his family for having to spend the holidays in Hawaii while we here on the mainland got to shiver, slide and shake in record breaking temps, but, as it's said, "It's a dirty job and I guess they had to do it!"

From my window on our part of the world I can see Pap and Citrus coming up from the barn and Jessie, our old mare, enjoying her breakfast. When we were gifted with her, she could barely walk or cast a shadow. That's changing daily. She can even effect a slow run when she sees her grain coming and though she'll probably never get back her girlish figure, she's slowly getting just a hint of "so round, so firm, and fully packed." Us old girls have our places in the sun too!

The washer is spinning out and I must get to the day at hand. I wish you all the many blessings that your systems will stand. Spread the wealth, don't keep good feelings just for yourself and Peace go with you. Those Kernen Kids' Mam