THAT ORIGINAL German tune extols the beauty of the Christmas tree which dates back to St. Boniface in Germany around 722 A.D. The tradition has continued through the centuries and has undergone countless transformations. Barnesville's WesBanco has two beautiful, unique examples.

(money tree pix)

In the inner lobby is this "Money Tree" decorated by teller, Sandy Stanford, and done in silver, gold and green. Using the origami technique, she made Christmas tree ornaments from paper dollar bills. All of her decorations depicted services or items available at WesBanco.

(shamrock TREE)

Bank manager, John Rataiczak, did this unique tree which greets everyone entering the bank. One might call it a "Barnesville Tree" or a "Community Tree." It's almost impossible to imagine a Christmas tree decorated entirely in pumpkins and shamrocks, but truly this is beautiful. Only in Barnesville and only by John Rataiczak could this take place.

UNDISPUTED CHAMPION of decorated Christmas trees is Carolyn Stephen whose home is filled with 58 at last count. In addition, she has several in the children's bedroom which she decorated for the Christmas showing at the Victorian Mansion Museum. She's also has had a hand in decorating Barnesville's Do It Best Hardware where she is a veteran employee.

HOWEVER YOU trim your tree, remember that Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The origin of the Christmas tree can't change that fact.