Dear Ms. 1040EZ,

I have contacted the IRS on several prior occasions to complain about this fellow, known by the name of "Santa Claus", not paying his fair share of US Federal Income Taxes like the rest of us.

I know that he only works one day a year, but he has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cookies, assorted glasses of milk, chocolate bars, M&M's, Hershey Kisses, apples and oranges for his reindeer, etc.

There has even been some cash left as payment for his delivery of presents to good little children, here in the USA every year.

This meets the definition of taxable income in my book!

And he hasn't filed a tax form in the US for at least 60 years, according to varied responses I have received from the IRS Center in Cincinnati.

They seem reluctant to discuss this matter under various "confidentiality laws", but they have indicated that according to their records "Santa Claus" has never filed a Federal Income Tax since the inception of US Federal Income Tax in 1913.

He has been getting away with this clear evasion of the tax law and tax payment for well over a half century and we need to stop this huge oversight now.

Considering the present ballooning federal deficits and large stimulus packages handed out over the last year, if he is forced to file and pay his taxes for the last 60 years with the accumulated penalties and interest due, our government could easily bail out the Detroit auto makers with cash left over.

Can you write or call the IRS and report this gross evasion of taxes by "Santa Claus," they won't return my calls any more.


Johnny Fairtax

Dear Johnny,

Thanks for the letter. I'll look into this matter but in the mean time you should consider cutting back on the caffeine and forgo those late night TV shows and try to get a little extra sleep.

...Ms. 1040EZ

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