BEALLSVILLE — Have you been looking for a place to walk in peaceful, cool woods this summer? Perhaps you’ve heard of Raven Rocks, tucked away in southern Belmont County where folks have picnicked, hiked, and enjoyed the scenery for many generations. It has been fifty years since a group of nineteen friends purchased 843 acres from a local farmer that included the beautiful ravines and valley known as Raven Rocks. They joined together to care for the property and longed to protect it for future generations, and share it with others who value such places.

On Sunday, Aug. 2 from 1 to 5 p.m. the members of Raven Rocks invite friends and neighbors and anyone interested in discovering this Belmont County gem to join them for a celebration to be held in the field above the main ravine. There will be a big tent and displays about the combined efforts of the group to purchase and preserve the now 1,250 acres of mostly forest. The property, still privately owned, is protected by a conservation easement in collaboration with Captina Conservancy, a local land trust. Visitors are welcome to walk through the ravine and visit with those whose volunteer efforts have saved the property from damage due to underground longwall mining and gas and oil development.

A special treat for those interested in local history will be the opportunity to purchase copies of Elsa Crooks Harper’s book, An Enchanted Childhood at Raven Rocks. This reprinting of the original published in 1986 also includes an update about Raven Rocks since that time.

The event located at 54167-54271 Crum Road, Beallsville. Parking will be available with hay ride shuttle to the tent and trail head.

To learn more about Raven Rocks see their webpage at