GLENROSE, Texas -- the International Texas Longhorn Assn (ITLA) will produce their 36th Judges Clinic for the training of professional show judges on May 12 and 19. The detailed training webinar will be available for those desiring the curriculum. It can be viewed on line, world wide with high speed internet in two segments of three hours each.

This will be hosted live by online moderator/ presenter Darol Dickinson, Judge John Oliver and Dr. June Cohron. It will include over 300 power point graphics, charts with question and answers, and illustrations from a team of current approved training judges.

The ITLA is one of only a few livestock associations that strive to preserve the historic nature-formed traits of soundness, longevity, calving ease, browse consumption, fertility, natural instincts, and gain under harsh conditions. The great Texas Longhorn virtues are graphically presented during this training clinic. For nearly 500 years the ruthless hand of the elements have beat and hammered this breed -- the strong survived and thrived. Many of these virtues are visual. Show judges are trained to specifically spot these points of anatomy value.

In the ITLA Webinar, people can participate in every country by pre-enrolling with ITLA. The Webinar will be available at a small fee of only $100, and the ITLA Judges Manual will be provided at no additional charge ($50 value). Those who have participated in the past, and have their manuals can do a review attendance at $10.

Regional Shows and the International Championship Show were created by the ITLA Board of Directors (BOD) as marketing tools to promote and exhibit the finest quality Texas Longhorn cattle. The ultimate goal is to not only produce professional exhibitors, but also to produce good, sound, structurally correct cattle that will compete in the sale ring, on the range, and in the show ring. The show ring is a tool to enlighten cattle people to the many true qualities of Texas Longhorn cattle, create marketing opportunities and reward superior cattle.

Many livestock breeds have lost their original identity and uniqueness by non-breeder show judges. This is a concentrated effort to retain the original brilliance of this great breed. All approved judges will need to be owners, breeders and marketers of Texas Longhorns. However many will participate in the clinic for personal livestock judging knowledge, not desiring to become official judges.

For an enrollment application and additional information call the ITLA office at 254 898 0157. For application at

Enroll promptly to receive a printed manual.