The numbers are larger in Belmont County than in counties in West Virginia that are being declared hot spots.

Belmont County has 55 confirmed cases, three deaths and seven hospitalized patients. But there are some other numbers that tell a better story.

The Belmont County cases are not from random community spread. Most are traced to just a few people who traveled.

They are mostly the contacts of those people who had traveled and returned, who seem to be the large majority of our people.

The three who have died were in their 90s, 80s and 70s. There are stringent precautions for people in higher age groups.

They need to be more vigilant about washing their hands, and about social distancing. Anything they can do basically to decrease their chances of catching this.

A cloth mask does provide some protection. So, for the people in high risk categories, that would be a very good thing for them.