WEST LIBERTY, W.Va., — Everything changed during the pandemic but one thing remains the same — West Liberty University is a caring campus.

"For our students who remain on campus due to travel restrictions or other circumstances, or those living nearby in off-campus housing, they can rest assured that medical advice is available daily via TeleHealth," said Christy Bennington, RN BSN, who serves as WLU’s Director of Student Health Services.

TeleHealth appointments with Bennington are easy to make by calling 304.336.8049 between 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. for phone advice or to schedule a TeleHealth appointment. Certain restrictions apply.

WLU also offers Student Counseling Services via TeleHealth that can be set-up by email or telephone during regular office hours of 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Contact the Director of Counseling Services Lisa Witzberger, MSW, LGSW at lwitzberger@westliberty.edu or 304.336.8215.

Any WLU student who feels ill or stressed and is still residing on campus or close by in off-campus housing during the pandemic, is encouraged to call either of these professionals to receive assistance with health issues.

No walk-ins are being accepted at this time at any WLU office. Campus and the public are encouraged to visit westliberty.edu/news for updates. Or email covid19@westliberty.edu with questions.